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I’Kandi Designs is raising funds to help build our fashion and corporate foundation that will help not only employ others but mentor and provide business development skills. Ou plan is to implement systems where employees and train and learn while on the job. Your donation matter, please give today and spread the word.


Our Purpose


Why would anyone donate to a business? Mainly because the name may sound common to them, or maybe they know a friend that donates to it so they think it’s a good cause and they donate as well. Or maybe they set a yearly quota for themselves to donate to a number of businesses each year. Well when you give to I’Kandi Designs I want you to not just give but give knowing you are contributing to a purpose.

I’Kandi Designs has a vision to help others. We are not only fashion designing company or the owners of a magazine, we are a company with a purpose. Our purpose is to introduce Fashion on a Corporate level. There are a million of different fashion designing shopping sites, but rarely do you find a fashion site on a corporate level like I’Kandi Designs. Yes we have two different platforms that represent one, Shop I'Kandi Designs & I'Kandi Designs Business. We are a company that give back and make a difference in the community on purpose. You will notice that our site has split. Our dream and mission is so large that it could not all fit together on the same platform., so we created two. Our plan is to inspire, motivate,  teach, and help develop skills. We plan to offer others a chance to be apart of our up coming events and/or join our team as a intern, employee or volunteer. No matter the reason you stopped by our site, we are more than happy that you stopped by!

Being in Corporate America HR & Business Line for the past 24 years I can tell you that I understand the concept of “what NOT to do” within your business. One of the things that hit me the most while being in Corporate America is hiring good people and getting to know them as well as acknowledging their hard work ethics then watch them get terminated. Termination arised because they had no one to watch their child (s), maybe they were a single parent,  the affordability of child care or their child gets sick. Those are all valid reasons to tell your job I have to go see about my child and leave work. However, Corporate American does not see anything but a number and its a number you are making them lose out on. 

Another thing I value is the passion, drive and determination that some people have in them. You cannot teach that, it is something that has to come from within. I say that because most businesses within Corporate America only hire those that have obtained degrees. While I know degrees are important and needed on executive levels of course, there are many positions that they are not needed. 

As a business owner I have made the decision not to make this a requirement within my company. My preference is to hire those with all the above and if they have a degree that’s an added bonus. I feel like we miss out on so many people that have the skills and experience to do a position but tend to always get passed up on great growth opportunities because they are not degreed. Yet they have attending training or a speciality school and only received a certification or on the job course, yet those are not looked at as earning a degree or given credit for. I am definitely not advertising not to go to school. However, everyone is not fortunate to do so and have received on the job training over the years within their career.  I feel they should be rewarded for their drive and good work ethics as well as skills. Those are the people that I plan to give opportunities to as a business owner. People who have worked so hard to make it to Corporate America only to be rejected  for advancement due to being non-degreed. I will take experience over degree for the right position any day.

As I started the vision for I’Kandi Designs nearly 10 years ago, I built my project on paper and in my mind, as to what I wanted my vision to look like. Without going into all the details I will share a few pieces of information because there should be more companies like this. I am going to implement a 24hr onsite day care for my employees free of charge. Let’s face it, we are at work more than we are at home so this will be a great advantage for those employees with children. This is a big investment but I know it will help a lot of people and if you can relieve one of the biggest things off an employees shoulders, which is their children, then I know if have done my deed and my mission has been accomplished. This is one of my gifts that I'm giving back to others who will need to utilize it. I know I’Kandi Designs will be a blessing to others and I know GOD will bless this company for that reason alone. My focus is about being able to work on my two passions which is “Fashion & Corporate” and being able to combine them is an added bonus. So I’m not in a rush to get it up and running because I know when its MY TIME it will take off without a hitch. GOD says what door HE opens for you is FOR YOU and no man can close it. No one can block what God has unlocked, and I will always remember that. 


Another vision I have for this company implementing a training program called IKD University for on the job learning. You won’t be able to obtain degrees but you will learn skills and techniques that will help the employees of I’Kandi Designs be more successful at their job and put them in a position to excel and grow within the company to higher leveled positions. Employees will also get training and mentored while still succeeding in their career. This is another apart of my giving back. If you set your employees up to win and succeed, your business will do the same.

So if you would like to help get things going and believe in this vision as I do please make a donation to help build I’Kandi Designs. No matter the amount you give, it will all add up and meet the main purpose which is to get I’Kandi Designs built! I will also have a wall of all of those that donated to make the building possible with a plaque with your name on it. If you donate anonymously I will add up all the anonymous people and put it on one plaque. If you can’t give funds then give the most powerful thing there is to give, and thats prayer. I will gladly accept that and will also list the total names for those who prayed for us. So regardless how you give, God is in control of our final destination for I’Kandi Designs, and at the end, we will all be smiling. I’Kandi plans to have an annual ball for all of our supporters to show you our appreciation in the future. 

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